Hygeia TCM Wellness

“Are you stressed and looking for a natural and effective way to help relieve tension and pain, lower your blood pressure, increase blood circulation and flexibility, and even boost your immune system? A massage that targets deep into your muscles may just be the answer you are looking for!”

Hygeia TCM Wellness is the first health care centre in Singapore which practices MTM Therapy, is a new type of corrective massage that targets deep-layer muscles to remove clustered nodules in the muscles.


At Hygeia, we believe your body energy can be enriched with the integrated use of herbal solutions and natural therapies that creates a harmony with the Wu-Xing elements and will release your very own Fountain of Youth.

Visit Hygeia Sanctuary today to rejuvenate your body natural energy flow, restore your spinal posture and harmonise your hormone balance. Hygeia is aptly named after the goddess of health and highly correlated to the prevention of sickness and maintenance of good health, naturally!


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